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The Storyteller
by Elizabeth Bohorquez
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Nothing is an accident, not even reading these words... Perhaps you have questions, hoping to find answers or just to confirm what you already know. Maybe this book found you, thinking that it might help in some way. Life is like that. Spirit or the subconscious mind has a way of bringing forward what we search for, but sometimes not in the form we request.

I believe authors are given words to take readers on special journeys, places where they can come to understand the many aspects of living, learning, life, death, and even reincarnation. Perhaps the world is a gigantic spiritual school where all of this takes place!

As an RN, Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist, I tell stories to bring understanding and healing to my patients. I’ve been doing this in many forms for over forty years, but this is the story of another “storyteller”…Ana, a ten-year-old child, living a difficult life, existing through her imagination….or so she thinks. Ana tells stories to feel loved, protected, and simply to exist in an often unkind world that lacks compassion.

Ana is an invisible child...her father having died on her third birthday...her mother lost in her own world, leaving Ana to survive in whatever way she can. But Ana is a special child…a born-again child, surrounded by “spiritual teachers” who live incognito in her current reality, in the World Beyond, even in the books she reads in her best friend’s library, for authors do not die, but live within their written words. Ana comes to know the lessons of life, some harder than others, but all for a good reason. As she learns to travel between the now and the World Beyond, she comes to know there are plans for her, both in current reality and in the glorious other world of Light, Angels and Spirits.

As you turn the pages of "The Storyteller" you will come to know for yourself….there are “no accidents!”

The Storyteller is a 3 Part be sure to keep an eye out for books 2 and 3.




















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The Storyteller

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Elizabeth Bohorquez


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